Mckynleigh Alden Abraham


Let’s jump in! I was born in a deceivingly artistic city in Kentucky called Paducah. I was in my first talent competition when I was 3 years old and I never stopped. Crowning myself the “OG Black Annie”, like many midwestern actresses I was in a community theatre production of Annie Jr. and after that? Oh boy, stepping off of the stage was not an option.

Shortly after graduating from college I moved to Los Angeles to be on Season One of “The Glee Project”. After living my reality television show dreams I decided that college was the next best step for me.

I graduated from Northern Kentucky School of the Arts with a B.F.A. in Acting.

Fun extra things about me…

When I am not performing or popping into audition rooms for 90 seconds at a time I can be found watching Law and Order: SVU or the Bachelor. I own about 10 different wigs and I am Catalyst Intensive Certified Life Coach.

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